Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eritrea says call for sanctions "irresponsible"

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  1. AU and UN with the assistance of vassal countries have become tools for the modern day Colonialists.

    United is simply to trying to muddy the water and hide Ethiopian and their own crimes by pointing to other countries.

    Evidence upon evidence points to the US, Ethiopia, AU peace keepers running arms in Somalia. Here are few links from Reuters. /idUSN0728288520070407 risis/idUSL24158241._CH_.2400 5.stm

    and the crimes they are trying to hide.

    Illegal invasion of Somalia with UN and US complicity Os

    Somalia Crisis worse than Darfur, says UN

    Ethiopia’s ‘own Darfur’ as villagers flee government-backed violence

    Ethiopia: Army Commits Executions, Torture, and Rape in Ogaden
    Donors Should Act to Stop Crimes Against Humanity


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