Thursday, December 10, 2009

Death Of The Nile?

Has global warming claimed its biggest victim yet? The Nile is home to a third of the population of Africa. Yet those who depend upon the river are noticing a change: The Nile shows signs of drying up.

We can make the dramatic statement that for 13,000 years the Nile itself was dry. Now experts fear that history may be about to repeat itself. According to recent reports from Sudan, the Nile is at one of its lowest levels in nearly a century. We see rivers drying up and massive environmental changes over short periods of time, says Dr Declan Conway.

The impact of climate change is already plain to see in the ten countries relying on the Nile. The coffee business in Uganda is crucial to the developing economy. Yet as temperatures rise, crops have been badly affected and life for the coffee growers has become very hard. Thanks to a lack of education and illiteracy many have no idea what climate change is.

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