Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We Lived To Tell -The Nyayo House Story (click here to read the book)

We lived to Tell is a book by the Citizens For Justice, which documents experiences of Kenyans
who went through the infamous Nyayo House Torture Chambers.

They tell harrowing stories of
scary hounding by security agents, arrests, torture, jail and detention. Their experiences reveal an
intolerant, oppressive and paranoid government that could not stand criticism.

Surprisingly, the government’s flagrant disregard for the law and the blatant violation of the
survivors’ and victims’ human rights happened in the glare and watchful eyes of the donor and
international community.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) supported the development and publication of We Lived to Tell.
The Foundation supports initiatives that promote democracy and the rule of law. We support the
promotion of a tolerant culture where dialogue is encouraged as one of the ways of resolving
thorny issues.

We share in the declaration of the survivors that what they went through “should
never happen again in Kenya!” However, the contents and opinions expressed in this book are
those of the Citizens For Justice and not of FES.


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